Getting started and solving a puzzle

Just a month ago i felt so lost in the World Web Community! Just like the picture showing.

Even with excellent grades in Ukrainian university, I did not understand how to use my knowledge in real life. How is everything that we have learned connected together? What you need to know extra to get a job?

I came to Canada to study, and I had high hopes for college. In addition, it acquitted itself! Quite unexpectedly on third or fourth lessons on the Web Programming class, I solved my puzzle! I got almost all answers for my questions! Finally, we were told how all the technologies work together!

I’ll try to explain it here, if someone is also having a problem with understanding the full picture of the web world, I hope you’ll enjoy it : )

So, if we represent the site as a person, it comes out like:

  • Human bones – this is the HTML code. Html code – code where tags are used to create a page layout and text content of the page. This code is also can be considered as a human body by itself.
  • Person clothing is CSS code. This code creates a style of our person, i.e. the site. It indicates how he should dress up in different situations and how he should always look.
  • But a person cannot just stand by and do nothing? A person must be able to perform the action. Therefore, our site-man needs JAVA SCRIPT code. This code generates a basic “instincts” of our person behavior. That is, in this code, is explained what he should do and under what circumstances. (This code is also called the page side code, but will return to this later)
  • A person must have a memory. Because without it his existence is meaningless. For this site uses a database and to work with database you have to know the script language – SQL.
  • However, normally human memory simply exists as such. Nevertheless, our person needs to learn how to operate it. For this purpose, a so-called server side code is used, such as C # (but there are many, choose any of them. The logic is the same). So, a person – site can work with memory, that is, to process data received from external sources. It can preserve it in its “memory” – a database, and may not be keeping, just answer any questions.

Going back to the concepts of page side code and server side code, I will say that the page side code as it is, located on the so-called subcortex in man, and performed by him without the participation of memory, but the server side code is needed for operation with the memory and access to it.

All the magic of web development is that the developer (or team of developers) know how to manage that person-site. All you need to do –  is know the appropriate commands and use it when needed.

And it keeps impressing me! Finally I got my unified picture of the web world.

I hope this view is understandable. If not, I’m ready to explain my vision in the comments.

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