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All people have favorite sites that they use everyday. Consequently, web developers have sites like those too. After a semester of study in the web development program at Humber college I also formed a list of useful sites, which I would like to share. In my opinion, this list should help novice web developers or even to someone who does not know where to start investigating the WEB world 🙂


Useful links from  HELENA:

1. W3C schools

W3C organization pic

Probably a site where I personally hang out most of the time, I can even say constantly. This is the site of the organization which establishes all the basic rules for the web world. They have developed an excellent site-handbook on main areas on which web developers’ work. Here there is everything from the simplest things to quite complex and interesting!

W3C organization

Also, there is a great service of trying out the code. All examples which are presented on the website, you can try, you can change code and try again! Amazing service!


2. TEDex


This site my mother is curiously enough opened for me! It is not directly connected with the web world or the computer itself, but it is perfect for self-development and for inspiration. I use to distract during the breaks in work and it helps me keeping my brain in working mood and do not relax too much.

3. Lynda


This site was recommended to me by a friend, saying that there great video tutorials on a fairly affordable price and discounts for students. In addition, it is true! Even though I do not like video tutorials, but even I was able to find something that helps me.

4. Brackets


Next link is rather not a resource it’s my personal preference for the software. This software Brackets – perfect assistant for Front end developers. It is completely free, provides a pleasant color scheme for the code, and an interesting and convenient concept of the separation of the screen into multiple windows. Example is on the picture:


This product also has an interesting feature – viewing the site immediately if you change the code. On the following picture is represented my website – portfolio which I can see from Brackets based on that code presented above.

Brackets portfolio

The following picture shows how the program allocates objects to which you are working on the page. It is very convenient and you would not get lost in the CSS code!

Brackets portfolio

This is definitely MY choice!


5. Lucidchart


For all Back end developer diagrams needed to facilitate the work with the code and the entire logic. It is important to have accessible and fast service for diagramming. My choice is currently this site. Everything is quick and simple and have free period of use for students.


To register, you need only enter your name and school email. Everything is very simple!


Also represented an example of the database schema for the Hockey League and the user interface.

Lucid diagram




Very often, developers are faced with the difficult choice of FONT! This site – a great helper in the selection! And you can also try the desired heading in all font and type style. Is not it wonderful?



7. Fontfabric

Font fabric

Continuing the theme fonts I will show also this site. Although I personally use it more for inspiration and find a common style for the website.


8. Imcreator


Also during my short experience in the web world, I had a problem with finding free images with good quality. Here is a website that helped me! ITS ALL TOTALLY FREE AND EVEN DON’T REQUIRE REGISTATION.


There is a fine search engine and simple and light design. For example to find the previous picture I just wrote FOOD.


Here is such a list has turned out, I hope that everyone will find something useful or perhaps add to your list of sites that are enjoyed each day.

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