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All people communicate with each other. It is usually a lot of different conversation themes, well, probably the major is theme about the work.

Remembering my first article, it is clear that the web developer simply cannot do all the work associated with the site alone. A common practice is to bring together specialists in different fields to work in a group.

Group of different specialists is implementing a project – development of web site for a client. But the people are all different. Someone is very good at time management, someone on the contrary is very scattered. Seems to be we must think that in such cases there is team leader in the project. But he also has a huge amount of responsibilities and worries that he needs to perform. And so it is necessary to speed up as much as possible the inspection of work of others.  Well, you will not see in our modern world to team leader ran around from table to table and ask: “Have you already completed the task? No? When you will do that? And what else do you have? Oh, and here, you have one more thing to do.” However, sometimes all workers are not even in the same office, or a city or country.

Now for the communication within the team and for the distribution of tasks a variety of communication systems is used. Recently, for college project I needed such a system. After reading some of the comparative articles I came across a system ASANA. I tried to use with my team and decided to share this wonderful discovery with others. Link to the site itself –

Task Manager Asana is perfect for workflow as a single person or a small team of employees and volunteers. Let us consider example of the work with this application-site on the project on which I am working on.

My desktop – the main page looks like this:



On the tab projects you can have more than one project. You can also create either be invited into the project. Also, on a gray background can be seen all the people in the project. And the ability to view team conversations and team calendar.

On this screen the to do list for me is displayed. There are tasks relating to the project and there are some that aren’t. For example the task in the block “Later” I created for myself to not forget about it. Other words, in essence, this product allows you to monitor not only the tasks of the project but also for the tasks out of it, for example, your household chores. Tasks for tomorrow highlighted in green font. With this app, you’ll never have a question of free time, you have plenty of tasks. Tasks can be split into sub-tasks. The example can be seen in the picture.


I just created a subtask “Re-read the budget”. This task under up to today, so it appeared at the beginning of the list.  You can see part of the window in this picture showing information about the task.

Visible information: to what project this task refers, a task name and its description, subtasks, a little history of working with this task, the opportunity to comment and to follow/not follow up the task. It is important to note that for each task or a subtask, you can attach a file. And you can make it public that members of your team would see the file, or you can just keep different versions for yourself.


Pressing My inbox we see some history of what we signed up for. Other words all tasks that we created and all of our objectives.

Also interesting additions to the program, and probably most important tab is the Dashboard.


Here we can see all project tasks and to whom they belong. Terms of performance of tasks and at what stage of implementation they are (already done or not). For easy viewing the Calendar can be used.



At this point I will finish my browsing of the product. I hope I have shown enougth of useful information that you need to convince that this app is very comfortable to use. In any case, any new product must be investigated by your own, so once again leave a link to it here.


Thank you for reading this blog and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any.  🙂

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